Courses Offered

PG Diploma in Software Engineering

Duration          : Three Years              

Fee                  :          
Eligibility         :           Graduate


M1                   Basic Mathematics
M2                   IT Tools and Business Systems
M3                   Internet Technology and Web Design
M4                   Programming and Problem Solving through C
M5                   Computer System Architecture
M6                   Structured System Analysis & Design
M7                   Data Structure through C++
M8                   Introduction to DBMS
M9                   Basics of OS, Unix & Shell Programming
M10                 Data Communication and Network Technologies
M11                 Introduction to Object Oriented Programming through JAVA
M12                 Software Testing and Quality Management
M13                 Management Fundamentals & Information System
M14                 Discrete Structure
M15                 Software Engineering & CASE Tools
M16                 Operating Systems
M17                 Visual Programming
M18                 Computer-based Statistical & Numerical Methods
M19                 Professional & Business Communication
M20                 Object Oriented DBMS
M21                 Computer Graphics & Multimedia
M22                 Internet Technology and Web Services
M23                 Software Project Management
M24                 Automata Theory & Compiler Design
M25                 Network Management & Information Security
M26                 Embedded Systems
M27                 Artificial Intelligence & Neural Networks
M28                 E-Business
M29                 System Modeling and Computer Simulation
M30                 Wireless & Mobile Communication




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